Unlocking AI & Automation with AvePoint Opus

19 / 03 / 24

In today’s data-driven landscape, businesses face the challenge of managing vast amounts of information efficiently while ensuring compliance and security. In-Form Consult, a leader in Governance Frameworks and Information Governance Services, partners with AvePoint to revolutionise information management through the groundbreaking Opus solution.

AvePoint Opus: Pioneering AI-Based Information Lifecycle Management 

AvePoint Opus, AvePoint’s latest AI-powered “information lifecycle management” solution compatible with Microsoft Office 365 and beyond, signifies a monumental step forward. As a cornerstone in organisations’ AI data models, Opus automates data classification and records management, streamlining compliance processes. 

Automated Governance & Compliance with Opus: A Game-Changer for Organisations 

Opus, complemented by AvePoint’s Maestro product, empowers organisations to automate data classification, enforce records management policies, and meet data retention requirements. This is particularly crucial for entities navigating complex record-keeping and compliance landscapes, including government and business sectors.

Opus Foundation for AI Data Models: Building Tomorrow’s Intelligent Enterprises 

AI Smart Classification with AvePoint Maestro

  • Powered by Azure Machine Learning, Maestro analyses content and metadata, assigning policies to documents.
  • Manages information, ensures compliance, optimises cloud storage, and streamlines data management processes.

Storage Optimisation

  • Identifies data for archival based on configurable business rules.
  • Reduces cloud storage costs and provides a dashboard for clear communication of solution value

Enhanced Productivity with Data Classification

  • Automatically classifies data at scale, improving search accuracy and user productivity.
  • Users benefit from a cleaner search experience with accurately classified and tagged content.

Risk Mitigation through Automated Records Management

  • Reduces compliance risks associated with over-retained or deleted data.
  • Operationalizes complex governance policies with dynamic business rules.

AvePoint Opus: Shaping the Future of Information Lifecycle Management 

As businesses grapple with the exponential growth of data, AvePoint Opus emerges as a comprehensive solution. It optimises storage, enhances productivity, and mitigates risks through AI-powered classification, mature retention policies, and seamless integrations. Opus transforms disparate repositories into an intelligent information ecosystem, enabling organisations to master their data in today’s complex regulatory landscape.

Join In-Form Consult and AvePoint on this transformative journey. AvePoint Opus isn’t just a product; it’s a strategic move towards a data-centric future, empowering organisations to confidently pursue innovation while ensuring compliance, security, and productivity.

For more insights, download the AvePoint Opus information lifecycle management product details here:  Advanced Information Lifecycle Management | AvePoint Opus | AvePoint


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