Maximizing Talent: IFR’s Digital Transformation Expertise

18 / 03 / 24

As the resourcing arm of the UK’s foremost Information Management Consultancy, In-Form Resourcing brings over 20 years of Information-led digital transformation service provision to the forefront. This expertise sets the stage for innovative recruitment solutions to address the challenges of the 21st century, especially in the public sector.

Diversity and Inclusion

Transformative recruitment in public services begins with a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and In-Form Resourcing excels in fostering innovation within the workforce. Utilising blind recruitment processes, eliminating unconscious biases, and actively seeking candidates from underrepresented groups contribute to creating a public sector that mirrors the diversity of the communities it serves.

Digital Transformation

In the era of digitisation, In-Form Resourcing leverages its digital transformation expertise to streamline recruitment processes in public services. Automated application tracking systems, artificial intelligence tools, and data analytics significantly reduce the time and resources required for hiring, ensuring fair and efficient evaluations. Our digital platforms also enhance the candidate experience, making the application process more accessible and user-friendly.

Agile Recruitment Strategies

In-Form Resourcing understands the rapidly changing challenges faced by the public sector, necessitating an agile workforce. Our recruitment strategies involve creating flexible frameworks for the identification and onboarding of talent with the right skills at the right time. By adopting a more responsive approach, public services can better address emerging issues and capitalise on opportunities for positive change.

Skill-Based Assessments

Moving beyond traditional recruitment, In-Form Resourcing emphasises skills-based assessments. We incorporate practical assessments to identify candidates with the specific skills needed to navigate the complexities of their roles. This approach opens doors for individuals with unconventional backgrounds who possess valuable skills.

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