About In-Form Consult

In-Form Consult is the UK’s leading Information Management specialist.

We help businesses and organisations just like yours to uncover, manage, and leverage information management to fuel their digital transformation journey.

For over 30 years, we’ve been working with businesses to maximise the potential of their business information. In fact, information management is our sole business focus and embedded in our DNA. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing you are working with the UK’s leading information management specialists.

We help you to get control of the information across your business, consolidate it to meet compliance requirements, turn data into insight and equip you to manage your information efficiently across digital transformation.

What’s more, our recommendations are always centred around business value. We focus on blending the right mix of best-practice delivery, skilled resources and cutting-edge tools to ensure you quickly see the results you need.

With our head office based in Watford, and a second office in Glasgow, we work with businesses from all sizes and sectors across the UK. To date, we have helped over 400 businesses gain control of their information, reduce costs, minimise risk and use insights to stay ahead of their competition.

Meet the Senior Team

Gurthej Deusi – CEO
As our CEO, Gurthej ensures that we instil our vision and values into everything we do. He has a passion for helping customers address a multiplex of challenges in the Information Management world and ensuring service excellence.

Jagjit Singh – Chairman
Jagjit brings over 30 years business operations and best-practice experience, coupled with a scientific approach to solving and simplifying complex Information Management and Governance challenges across industries.

Richard Jeffrey-Cook – Head of Information and Records Management
Richard has over 25 years experience of implementing IT solutions to both public sector and private sector organisations. He has delivered successful Information Management projects to high-profile organisations throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Bal Aujla – Finance
Bal serves as IFC’s finance lead. He has an extensive background in accounting and finance. He provides insights, logic and problem solving within the company.


In-Form Consult is a member of AIIM, ARMA, DLM Forum, TechUK, REC and IRMS.

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