AvePoint Cloud Governance: Unlocking the Power of Intelligent Information Management

24 / 07 / 23

In today’s digital landscape, effective information management is a critical component of organisational success. As the backbone of every enterprise, information drives decisions, fuels innovation, and empowers the workforce. That’s why In-Form Consult, an independent consultancy specialising in Information Management, is proud to partner with AvePoint—a leading provider of intelligent information management solutions. Together, we offer AvePoint Cloud Governance, the ultimate solution for organisations seeking to streamline their information management practises. 

Enabling Self-Service Provisioning with Built-In Policy Control

Ensuring ongoing compliance with established policies is a top priority for organisations. AvePoint Cloud Governance offers comprehensive management capabilities to oversee configuration settings, membership, and ownership change requests. With the ability to delete, revert, or notify of unauthorised changes, organisations can maintain control and ensure adherence to policies. Furthermore, AvePoint Cloud Governance enables oversight for automated policies throughout the life of sites and users, including recertification renewals to validate permissions and metadata. This holistic approach to compliance management provides peace of mind and reduces the risk of non-compliance. 

Effortless Lifecycle Management

AvePoint Cloud Governance allows organisations to improve data quality, reduce costs, and speed up processes by implementing automated structured end-of-life workflows. Organisations can easily create, retain, and dispose of content using flexible end-of-life workflows that trigger alerts for potentially irrelevant sites and content. Additionally, AvePoint Cloud Governance provides the ability to extend leases for continual content access, increasing transparency of content ownership and activity through an intuitive dashboard. With these features, organisations can optimise their data lifecycle management and empower end users to be more efficient. 

Comparing AvePoint Cloud Governance to Other Providers

When it comes to Cloud Governance solutions, AvePoint stands out as a trusted and innovative provider. AvePoint Cloud Governance offers unique capabilities that set it apart from competitors. For instance, the MyHub Teams app provides organisations with a convenient one-stop-shop for managing Microsoft 365 workspaces, all from within Microsoft Teams. This seamless integration enhances user experience and productivity. Additionally, AvePoint Cloud Governance’s integration with the ServiceNow platform further simplifies resource provisioning, permissions management, and lifecycle management, allowing users to leverage existing workflows and tools. 

 AvePoint Cloud Governance offers organisations a comprehensive suite of products to elevate their information management practises. With features like self-service provisioning, policy enforcement, ongoing compliance management, and effortless lifecycle management, AvePoint Cloud Governance empowers organisations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. As an AvePoint Partner, In-Form Consult is committed to providing expert guidance and support to organisations seeking to implement AvePoint Cloud Governance. Unlock the power of intelligent information management today with AvePoint Cloud Governance. 

Start Your Free Trial Today: To learn more about AvePoint Cloud Governance and start your free trial, visit AvePoint website at www.avepointonlineservices.com. Our dedicated IFC Team is ready to assist you in harnessing the power of your information assets.