Unlocking Efficiency: Colligo Email Manager Revolutionises Information Management

24 / 04 / 24

Gascoynes Accountants, a stalwart in accountancy since 1987, faced a pivotal shift a decade ago as new management fuelled growth across Norfolk and Suffolk. Transitioning to the Microsoft Cloud was a strategic move, but the challenge emerged in efficiently managing emails and attachments. In collaboration with Viden Consulting, Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 emerged as the solution, enabling swift capturing, classifying, and tagging of emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint. The impact was transformative:

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Cost Savings

Shedding a server-based document management system led to a staggering ~50% reduction in annual document management costs. Colligo bridged the email to SharePoint gap, making the move to Microsoft 365 financially viable.

Time Efficiency

Staff seamlessly filed emails and attachments to SharePoint from Outlook, eliminating the need to switch between apps and streamlining workflows.

Automatic Backups

Storing data securely in the Cloud removed the time and cost associated with server backups.

A testimonial from Chris Reeve, Managing Director at Gayscoynes Accountants, highlights Colligo’s impact: “In accounting, being able to save and retrieve needed files – when you need them and on any device – is paramount. Saving us time and money, Colligo has been a game changer.”

Colligo Email Manager became an integral part of Gascoynes’ success storey, extending the functionality of Microsoft 365 and enhancing end-user adoption of SharePoint. In-Form Consult, a leading information management consultancy, is proud to partner with Colligo. As experts in unlocking the full potential of information assets, In-Form Consult provides a pragmatic approach to information management.

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Read the full Colligo case study here and experience the power of efficient information management with In-Form Consult.