In-Form Resourcing: Solving Local Government Digital Workforce Challenges

19 / 09 / 23

The year 2023 has posed a number of challenges for recruitment in local government. The rising demand for public services, coupled with acute shortages in key professional areas, is putting a strain on the workforce. As local authorities grapple with budget gaps and the need for service rationalisation, HR leaders have a critical role to play in preserving the integrity and quality of public services through their workforce. In-Form Resourcing (IFR) stands ready to be your strategic partner in addressing these recruitment challenges in the Digital Age.

High-Calibre Candidates, Exceptional Results

Here at IFR, we are committed to providing high-calibre, fully assessed candidates ensures that your organisation receives top-quality skills that align perfectly with your business needs. Our candidates are dynamic, resourceful experts focused on delivering exceptional results for your Digital Programmes including Information Management and Information Governance projects.

Extensive Resource Pool and Ongoing Support

At IFR, our dedication to your success doesn’t end with the placement. Every candidate receives ongoing support and backing from our highly respected IFC consulting team and subject matter experts. This additional support comes at no extra cost to you, ensuring that your projects benefit from the expertise needed to excel. 

Your True Resourcing Partner

We don’t just provide a service; we become your true resourcing partner. Leveraging our industry knowledge, IFR accurately matches candidates’ expertise to your specific requirements. Through a consistent, account-managed service, we deeply understand your business challenges, ensuring that your resourcing needs are swiftly and effectively met time and again. Our strategic and flexible approach makes us the ideal partner for recruitment in local government.

Comprehensive Solutions for Efficient Resourcing

IFR streamlines the resourcing process for your Digital and Information Management teams. Our interim resources can be in place within days and come with minimum termination contracts, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness. For permanent resourcing, choose between contingency-based recruitment or a managed service provider approach, and let us handle the entire process from source to candidate presentation.

Trust the Experts for Quality Resourcing

Finding good calibre Digital and Information Management professionals can be a daunting and costly task. Turn to IFR, the industry-leading experts in Enterprise Information Management, to quickly identify the highest-quality candidates to meet your resourcing needs. Trust us to deliver successful placements, first time, every time.

How In-Form Resourcing Can Help: Workforce Planning

IFR’s expertise in workforce planning ensures your organisation identifies the necessary skills for the future, assesses any skill gaps, and evaluates the feasibility of change options based on available capabilities

Delivering Change

As the workplace evolves, IFR can assist your council in managing culture change, building teams, and sustaining organisational culture in the new environment, ensuring successful implementation of any new changes

Professional Development

Stay ahead of challenges by tapping into the wealth of knowledge available from sector colleagues who have already navigated similar challenges. IFR can help your HR teams prioritise professional development, fostering fresh perspectives and building support networks.

As local governments face recruitment challenges in 2023, In-Form Resourcing is your reliable partner in overcoming these obstacles. With a commitment to delivering high-calibre candidates, extensive support, and comprehensive resourcing solutions, IFR ensures your council can meet its Digital Programme objectives. Trust our industry-leading expertise to find the right candidates, first time, every time.

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Together, we can shape a successful future for your council’s workforce and public services.