Are you getting your resourcing right?

12 / 10 / 18

You’ve filtered hundreds of CVs. You’ve found the ideal candidate for your open position. But try as you might you can’t get a response from the candidate.

You’re not alone. 38% of employers experience this situation where candidates simply don’t respond to calls or emails.

So, it is no wonder that many organisations admit that the biggest recruitment challenge they face is the time it takes to find the right people. Employers are suffering with lengthy recruitment processes; valuable time which they could potentially invest elsewhere within the business.

What’s more, rushing the recruitment process to meet business deadlines often leads to unsuccessful hire decisions –and settling with underperforming or inexperienced candidates simply due to not having the time and resource to look beyond the unqualified resumes. Alternatively, organisations may have the time, budget and resource to conduct a thorough candidate search but  are lacking knowledge and having trouble looking for passive talent.

In this ever-changing, fast-paced recruitment environment, time-poor employers are unable to make the most of relevant recruitment practices, but the good news is there are quicker and better ways to manage this!

In-Form Consult can take over the long, painful hiring processes for you and help you to find the best talent for your open positions, first time.

Information Management is too business-critical to have ineffective resources and we understand that one bad hire can negatively impact the organisation for the worse. Our knowledgeable team and market expertise allow us to find the most suitable candidates, ultimately driving a range of benefits for your business;

  • Cost efficiency
  • Financial guarantee
  • Reassurance – Experts from experts
  • Timescales – No lengthy recruitment process
  • Knowledge –  We know what we are looking for
  • Maintained relationships with both candidates and clients

Is it time to rethink your resourcing and information recruitment strategy?

If you would like to refocus time on value-add activities for the business, speed up your recruitment process and ensure you connect with the best candidates first time, get in touch.