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Consultancy Overview

IFC consulting services address every aspect of information management, across information & records management, information governance, knowledge management, data management and technology solutions.

Delivered to industry best-practice, our services will help you to uncover, manage and exploit your information through health-checks, strategy development, process improvement, delivery and technology implementation.

Core Services

IFC HealthChecks help organisations bridge the gap between their current information management practices and where they want to be to meet their strategic and operational goals. They provide a cost-effective, pragmatic and insightful review of how the organisation is using information and the key risk areas that may exist.

The depth and topic coverage can be adapted to suit your organisation’s situation and requirements, for example if you have made progress with your compliance policy but are concerned about areas that may have been missed, or if you have completed assessments and need an independent view of their position.

The review output provides the organisation with a clear and concise understanding of the main priorities, as well as a risk mitigation plan to assist in the on-going management of compliance.

Organisations are facing ever-increasing challenges to make more efficient use of their assets. Harnessing the knowledge within an organisation can dramatically increase productivity and business success. Introducing information and knowledge management (IKM) practice to maximise these opportunities, often requires the development of a strategy.

The strategy must do more than just outline high-level goals such as "become an information enabled organisation".

Our approach to strategy development is based around identifying the inter-relationships between people, roles and responsibilities, information, expertise, and the drivers and strategic goals of the organisation. It includes close collaboration with the relevant internal teams as well as interviewing key stakeholders and decision makers within the organisation. It focuses on developing a clear understanding of the existing Knowledge Management culture, systems, processes and expectations.

The resulting strategy highlights the key needs and issues within the organisation, and provides a framework for addressing them.

IFC helps organisations improve information management through the creation and enhancement of robust frameworks focused on pragmatic policies, procedures and process change. Our process improvement services provide specialist support to organisations in the identification, analysis and re-engineering of information related processes that are manual, inefficient, or are creating risk. 

Inefficient business and information related processes stifle operations and prevent innovation. IFC works with organisations to understand these challenges and to identify opportunities for process standardisation and increasing efficiency and reducing cost through digitisation and automation. We perform risk based analysis of current processes and work with clients to increase process maturity through the implementation of workflow or eForms capability. 

IFC’s process improvement services support organisations to innovate through the ability to interact easily and effectively with information regardless of location or access method.  

We have a deep and broad understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Electronic Document & Records Management Systems (EDRMS) and Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) which allows us to provide impartial advice to clients on their technology needs for supporting enterprise-wide information management programmes.

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