Information Management

Take control of your business data with our information & records management consultancy services. Discover an effective way to manage and store your data.

In today’s world of digital transformation, organisations are generating more and more information every day. Additionally, this information can exist in a various range of digital and non-digital formats. In spite of the complexities, our information management consultancy services can help you take command.

We provide a range of services to help you get control of your information across your business. Then we can help you consolidate it and manage it efficiently across its lifecycle. Harness the potential of your data and use insights to stay ahead of your competition and the rest of your industry.

Information Management Consultancy Services:


We can help you develop effective information management strategies. Consequently, our strategies harness all applications and information repositories across the business. We take a holistic approach, from undertaking a high-level analysis of your current processes, to defining your required ‘end-state’. Our consultants can assist with all the required tasks, process improvements and technology adaptations necessary to support your information management journey.

Business Process Review

Our Business Process Review service is a key enabler for any subsequent process or technology development. We can undertake an all-encompassing review of policies and procedures for the capture, creation, access, security and storage of records. In addition, we can support with classification schemes and disposal schedules for managing the information lifecycle.

Electronic Document & Records Management

In-Form Consult understands the role that technology plays in supporting good information management. From investigation and feasibility studies, through to implementation, we are able to support with your Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) needs. Our technology agnostic approach allows us to support your digital transformation, regardless of the systems you are using. Our clients use a wide range of software including Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Amazon Web Services and Google Workspace. to name a few.


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