Data Management Consultancy

In an age of unprecedented data growth and rapidly changing market demands, siloed data is a risk and a barrier to realising business opportunity.

Our services empower your business with accurate, complete, consistent and timely data that fuels informed decisions, effective governance and enables you to maximise the potential of fresh insight however the business world transforms around you.

Key Services:

Data Maturity Assessment

A rigorous assessment of your data management maturity, data quality and readiness for data governance. We will look at how your people manage data, explore your business policies around collection and management of data, and review technology tools in use.  You’ll receive a comprehensive set of business-focused recommendations for strategy and process development.

Master Data Management

We can help ensure that your valuable Master Data is effectively governed and fully accessible with a data management charter and disparate source system integration.  You’ll benefit from a single accessible view of all critical enterprise data.

Data Governance

We can develop a unified data governance approach based on data management policies and design process improvements that standardise data access across your organisation with well-defined roles and responsibilities for your data owners.

Data Quality

To mitigate proliferation of information across your business, we can create processes and implement tools that sieve data sets and categorise them against your agreed definitions to give you accurate, complete and consistent data sets. Where new applications are being introduced, we can also support with planning and executing the data migration process without loss or misrepresentation of data.

ETL/Technology Support

Whether you are embarking on a data integration or master data management project, IFC can support the effective movement of data using the established ‘Extract/Transform/Load’ (ETL) process and execute data profiling to discover issues in existing data sets, standard repositories and performance metric systems.

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