Strengthening Police Transparency Through Information Governance

30 / 04 / 24

As social media platforms become increasingly essential for engaging with the public, police departments face increasing pressure to remain transparent, comply with open records laws and swiftly respond to legal enquiries or freedom of information requests.

To achieve this, efficient monitoring and archiving, as well as easy access to social media interactions, are crucial.

The Solution

In-Form Consult and Pagefreezer offer cutting-edge tools to meet these challenges head-on.

Pagefreezer Social Media Archiving Solution highlights

Pagefreezer’s real-time monitoring and archiving solutions enable law enforcement agencies to systematically capture and preserve every interaction on official social media accounts, even if they get edited or deleted.  

Automated Archiving

Ensure compliance with public records policies and quick responses to freedom of information requests by capturing and preserving every interaction on official social media accounts, even if they get edited or deleted, 

Social Media Monitoring

Flag and prioritise problematic comments on official social media accounts for immediate attention, with sentiment analysis and alert capabilities — thereby streamlining the moderation process whilst enhancing the quality of community engagement and discourse. 

Easy Records Access

Swiftly respond to records requests with the ability to find, access, and export relevant records from numerous official social media profiles in one central dashboard.

Litigation Readiness

Be ready to provide authenticated records that include metadata, digital signatures and timestamps in the event of a legal matter.

In-Form Consult and Pagefreezer enable police forces to navigate the complexities of information governance with confidence. With effective tools for monitoring, archiving, and accessing social media data, police departments can enhance transparency, ensure compliance, and foster community trust.