Announcing our Strategic Partnership with Pagefreezer

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Pagefgreezer, aimed at providing our customers with comprehensive Enterprise Information Management services. The partnership will help businesses confidently tackle compliance, investigative, and record-keeping challenges related to modern communication platforms. These include tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and dynamic modern websites.

“Our clients are facing exponential growth in online and social content and need an enterprise solution to archive, manage, report, and discover the content—whilst also retaining the original threads and presentation,” said Jagjit Singh, Chairman of In-Form Consult. “This partnership will allow us to deliver on our vision of making it easier for clients to uncover, manage, and exploit their content as part of their Enterprise Information Management and Digital Transformation programmes.”

“We are excited to partner with a well-respected Information Governance Consultancy in the United Kingdom that has helped blue-chip organizations establish governance processes as they move towards digital transformation,” said Peter Callaghan, CRO of Pagefreezer. “This collaboration will augment In-Form Consult’s product portfolio and help organisations take control of the unstructured and ever-changing data from online platforms.”

How can Pagefreezer solutions help our customers?

Data Retention for Recordkeeping Compliance and Regulatory Audits: Compliance teams can easily demonstrate adherence to regulations and retention requirements thanks to Pagefreezer’s automatic archiving solutions. With full audit trails, versioning, digital signatures, timestamps, and metadata, compliance teams have access to complete archives of their website, social media, and enterprise collaboration content. They can review content exactly as it appeared on the live platform and export records to PDF without worrying about PST or JSON files. All records are time-stamped and signed with a SHA-256 digital signature for added security.

eDiscovery for Early Case Assessment and Serious Matters: In the event of a serious legal matter, Pagefreezer’s solution empowers legal professionals to quickly identify, preserve, collect, and review relevant content across all their archived social media, website, and enterprise collaboration platforms in one central location. With easy-to-use search functionality, they can select pertinent content, add comments, and export files for eDiscovery purposes. All records are time-stamped, signed with a SHA-256 digital signature, and include associated metadata for added security.

Enterprise Collaboration Management to Curb Inappropriate Behaviour & Facilitate Internal Investigations: Pagefreezer’s solution empowers HR leaders to swiftly identify and address inappropriate behaviour in enterprise collaboration chat and channels, facilitating internal investigations. With real-time data capture and preservation, HR teams can easily search for relevant chats and messages using the sophisticated search functionality, and review conversations within the original context, including emojis, GIFs, and edited content. They can then view and export any chats and channels as evidence during employee matters and other internal investigations.

About In-Form Consult

In-Form Consult is a leading independent information management consultancy, driving business empowerment through effective transformation of enterprise information. With a focus on unlocking the full potential of information assets and fostering innovation, we provide a refreshingly pragmatic approach to information management.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass consultancy, cutting-edge technology, tailored training programs, and resource allocation across diverse domains such as information and records management, information governance, knowledge management, data management, and enterprise solutions. We understand the importance of a holistic strategy to enhance your information management policy, processes, and procedures.

Backed by a team of highly skilled consultants, who are industry-leading experts with specialized knowledge across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, we guide organisations towards efficient information utilization and successful transformation.

At In-Form Consult, our commitment lies in helping businesses harness the true value of their information assets. Through our expertise, we pave the way for innovation, improved decision- making, and the creation of new business realities. Experience the power of information management with In-Form Consult.

About Pagefreezer

Pagefreezer is a leading provider of website, social media, mobile text, and enterprise collaboration recordkeeping solutions to both the public and private sectors. With the mission of delivering solutions that transform how people protect integrity online, thereby ensuring accountability and enabling the pursuit of justice—Pagefreezer delivers solutions that let organisations of all sizes monitor data sources like websites and social media accounts and permanently preserve content in evidentiary quality. Archived data (including edited and deleted content) can be replayed as if it’s live and is often used for litigation and regulatory compliance. Learn more about Pagefreezer at


In-Form Consult and Pagefreezer strategic partnership

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