In-Form Consult and EncompaaS Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Information Management

In-Form Consult (IFC), a pioneer in Information Management, and EncompaaS, a global leader in advanced Information Management solutions, proudly announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the realm of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), heralding a new era of intelligence-driven data governance and transformative AI adoption for organisations worldwide.

The synergy between In-Form Consult and EncompaaS represents a paradigm shift in EIM services, offering organisations an encompassing approach to managing information and data assets using AI. By amalgamating their complementary expertise, both entities are poised to deliver unparallelled solutions that address the multifaceted challenges of modern Information Management.

Jagjit Singh, Chairman of In-Form Consult, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration enables the expansion of our Enterprise Information Management services by automating an encompassing approach to managing all information and data across an organisation, rendering a truly intelligent approach to Information Management.”

At the core of this partnership lies a shared commitment to empower organisations in navigating the complexities of data governance and compliance. EncompaaS’ cutting-edge platform, powered by sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, complements In-Form Consult’s industry-leading consultancy, technology, and resourcing solutions.

“We chose to collaborate with EncompaaS due to their technology, which enables EIM via a fabric layer across all services and client technology investments, ensuring a consistent approach to managing information across the entire ecosystem,” added Singh.

Jesse Todd, CEO of EncompaaS, emphasised the significance of the collaboration, stating, “Through our collaboration with In-Form Consult, we extend our platform’s reach to a broader audience, bolstering data governance and offering Information Management professionals a clear path to leverage the transformative power of AI technologies; safer, smarter, and faster.”

Sean Burgess, Sales Lead at EncompaaS, echoed this sentiment, stating, “This engagement with In-Form Consult solidifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower organisations to seamlessly navigate modern Information Management and enhance commercial outcomes.”

Together, In-Form Consult and EncompaaS are poised to redefine the landscape of Enterprise Information Management, offering organisations unparallelled capabilities to harness the full potential of their data assets while mitigating compliance and privacy risks.

About In-Form Consult

In-Form Consult is a leading player in Information Management, dedicated to empowering businesses through effective transformation of enterprise information. With a focus on consultancy, technology, training, and resourcing, IFC offers tailored solutions across diverse sectors.

About EncompaaS

EncompaaS, a global leader in Information Management, empowers highly regulated organisations to rapidly mitigate compliance and privacy risks, while unlocking the full potential of their data. The platform uses next-generation AI technologies to find, analyse, enrich, and prepare structured and unstructured data into a normalised data quality foundation.

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