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Stream 3: Implementation

Information Architecture for Information and Records Managers
Workshop Number IFC/TR/IAIRM101

A practitioner level course for Records managers, Information Managers and Electronic Content Management (ECM) Project Managers concentrating on the creation and application of information architectures for the purposes of records and document management. It will explore how information architectures are implemented in practice.

Implementing EDRMS | Workshop Number IFC/TR/IE101
A practitioner level course concentrating on the practicalities and challenges of implementing an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS). The session distils insights from In-Form Consult’s considerable experience of successful implementations. It is intended for EDRMS Project Managers, Records Managers, IT managers and others planning or working on EDRMS implementation.

Effective Email Management | Workshop Number IFC/TR/EEM101
A practitioner level course looking at the risks and challenges associated with managing email, including good practice and technology choices within an integrated approach to corporate information management. The course is intended for Records and information managers, information governance officers and all those concerned with good email management.

Introduction to Information Security Risk Management | Workshop Number IFC/TR/ISSRM101
Increasingly information management professionals need to have input into the risk management frameworks to secure information assets. This introductory course provides attendees with an understanding of why it is important to manage risk, how it is assessed and managed and an overview of the common methods and tools available to support the risk assessment and management process.

Knowledge Management – KM Programmes | Workshop Number IFC/TR/KMP101
A practitioner level course looking at the techniques that can be used to design a KM programme, including approaches to the introduction of KM, the role of the employee and tools and methods to understand your organisations knowledge base. The course also provides an overview of benefits measurement for the KM Programme.

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