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Data Management Overview

In a world where there is exponential growth of data and a myriad of platforms with silo data repositories, the need for one version of the truth has never been more important. Many organisations face different data challenges, and they employ different strategies to overcome them, but the underlying goal is to be empowered with accurate, complete, consistent and timely data that enables the organisation to make informed decisions, deliver effective governance and achieve revenue growth in increasingly competitive and regulated markets. IFC offers a variety of cross-functional data management services and solutions to meet your organisation’s requirements.

IFC’s Data Management Maturity model analyses data management practice and data quality and measures organisational readiness for data governance. The model covers the following areas:

People - effective enterprise data governance requires executive sponsorship as well as a firm commitment from both business and IT staff.

Policies - a data governance program must create and enforce what is considered “acceptable” data through the use of business policies that guide the collection and management of data.

Technology - beyond data quality and data integration functionality, an effective data governance program uses data synchronisation technology, data models, collaboration tools and other components that help create a coherent enterprise view.

Master Data Management is a business growth enabler that ensures an organisation’s master data is stored in an organised form. Additionally, it ensures that valuable data is effectively governed and fully accessible.

IFC can help you implement a data management charter as well as profile and integrate your disparate source systems. The result will be a single view of all critical enterprise data.

Data Quality
As organisations strive to operate efficiently and competitively each day, they often use numerous data applications. In the process of data creation, updates, usage and archiving can go unsupervised. This can lead to the proliferation of inaccurate information within the organisation.

Using processes that iteratively sieve through data sets as well as matching them against the organisation’s agreed definitions or format, we ensure accurate, complete and consistent data is delivered. We work closely with the data owners and users to establish and implement high quality solutions.

Data Migration
When organisations look for new ways to boost efficiency and agility, deployment of a new application or system may be required. To ensure continuity, data has to be moved from the legacy system or systems to a new one. Utilising a well thought-out and detailed plan, IFC will help you plan and execute the complete data migration process without the loss of data or mis-representation of source data meaning.

Data Governance
We understand that good data management is at the heart of effective data governance. IFC can help you create a unified data governance approach based on data management policies and design process improvements that standardise data access across your organisation with well defined roles and responsibilities for your data owners. Plus, we can provide assistance to meet submissions to industry regulators in relation to data management.

ETL (Extract Transform and Load) is a widely used procedure for cleanly moving data from one application to another, and may form part of a wider data migration programme. Whether you are embarking on a data integration project or master data management project, this movement of data can be done in an structured manner using the established ETL process:

  • Extract – Data from various source systems is collected and placed in temporary locations. This has been made possible through transformation objects within the many ETL tools such as Informatica PowerCentre, SAP Data Services and Talend.
  • Transform – In the transformation process, business rules are applied to the extracted data. Data can be aggregated, sorted, normalised, and enriched, amongst others. Data can also be cleansed and validated.
  • Load – This transformed data is then inserted into a target system.

Technology Support
IFC is fully proficient across a wide range of data management technologies including data profiling to discover issues in existing data sets, standard repositories to publish data quality rules across an enterprise, performance metric systems to keep data quality in place once established and infrastructures design advice regarding the enforcement of rules at source and maintenance and synchronisation of golden copies of master data.

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